Arts and Craft Work: Primary Source Set – Trinidad & Las Animas County

María Salomé Córdova


María Salomé Córdova, born April 27, 1867 in Piedras Coloradas near Trinidad, married Jose Julian Labato on September 4, 1889. Jose, a rancher, moved the family to San Luis where they had eight children. María died on September 1, 1960 in Blanca, Colorado. Her husband José died on May 17, 1947 in Alamosa, Colorado. In her later years, María was a weaver.

Blacksmith Hilario Herminio Paiz of Gurule, 1915


Blacksmith Hilario Herminio Paiz (on left) poses outside of a wood building on his ranch in Gulnare, Las Animas County.  He was born in 1898 in Gulnare and died in 1983 in Trinidad, Colorado. Herman worked on a ranch in Gulnare homesteaded by his grandfather José de la Cruz Paiz.  Herman never married, and stayed at the ranch to take care of his mother, Anastacia Gonzales Paiz.

Article about Francisco Coca, musician and activist, and his family, 1988


Francisco Coca “brings decades of tradition,” playing guitar and singing at Cinco de Mayo festivities in Pueblo’s Bessemer Park. From Aguilar, he performs with his wife and children, as La Familia Coca, doing a mixture of “old timers,” including songs from the Mexican Revolution of 1910, and contemporary songs like “Campesino” (farm workers) and “Learn to Read,” from the Nicaraguan revolution.

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