Community Topics- El Movimiento

“El Aguila: The Eagle”, written by migrant worker teens, p.1


El Aguila, written by migrant worker teens, p. 1

People Shown or Mentioned:
Lee Ann Baeza; Rico Contrares; Maura Diaz; Alex Gomez;Rosa Garcia; Jesus Lorenzo Huerta; Becky Lovato; Carla Lovato; Marcus Medina; Olga Rodriguez; Hilda Nunez; Connie Saldivar; Dona Marie Sanchez; Jose Santana; Natividad Santana; Anthrony Trujillo; Andrew Valencia; John Vigil; Rudy Zuniga; Theresa Zuniga; Maria Velasquez; Tivi Guana; Manuel Rodriguez; Benny Rodriguez; Jose Esquibel; Mary Martinez; Rob Rangel; Jimmie Angelo; Charlie Dapra; Secundino Herrera

Oral history interview, Ricardo and Anna Garcia, 1977 (audio and summary)


Ricardo and Anna Garcia’s interviewed about their experiences being Latino students at a predominately white institution (PWI) link here

Summary: University of Colorado, difficulties of Latino students at; University students, involvement with migrant farmworkers; University housing, quonset huts; Boulder, hippies in; separation between University community and the Boulder community; Alvarado Village, low-income housing in Boulder; housing, low income; Head Start program (lots of information); Follow Through program (lots of information); education, concern with, by parents; health benefits; bilingual education; elementary school language instruction in 1960s; Boulder, Human Relations Commission; political involvement by Latinos


“Boulder’s Chicano Community,” 1978 KGNU radio interview


Short radio interview about the founding and its work of the Boulder Chicano Community Project. This recording is of a KGNU radio interview by an unnamed person talking with Jesse Velez Lehmann, Manuel Arcadia, and Regina Vigil about the project “Boulder’s Chicano Community.” They talk about what the project had accomplished and some of its major findings, echoing the topics covered in the two films, “Los Inmigrantes” and “Boulder’s Chicano Community.”

Boulder Chicano Community-1979 Film


Short film on Boulder’s Chicano community , Boulder in the 1930s offered the chance for children to get some education and different kinds of jobs; neighborhood around Water + Goss Streets; migrant farm work in San Luis Valley, then in Boulder area; difficulty of attending a city school; isolation of Chicano families from mainstream Boulder life. Sequence of scenes and people

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