Families and Children | Trinidad/Las Animas County

Portrait of Eusebio Chacón (son of Rafael Chacón) and Sophia Barela (dau. of Senator Barela), 1891


They married in the Chapel of San Francisco in Barela, Colorado, and their wedding celebration was held at her father’s ranch, El Porvenir.

Video Clip from Interview with Yolanda Romero and Jack & Georganne Vallejos, Traditions and Family.


In this 2018 interview, Yolanda Romero and Georganne Vallejos speak to the way traditions in families have changed from the ways their elders raised them in Trinidad. Georganne notices the importance of grandparents in helping raise the children. Length: 2:26.

Video Clip from Interview with Judge Manzanares, Early Life in Trinidad.


Judge Manzanares recalls his memories of growing up in Trinidad and how the city was back then. He highlights his mom as his hero, as she raised him and all his five siblings, modeling for them what it was to value education. Aditionally, he recalls how his own family supported him through his career. 2018. Length: 3:57.

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