This set consists of 5 spreadsheets that list people with a Hispanic name who were included in the Trinidad City Directories as owners or proprietors of businesses or as professional people.  It shows one year per decade between 1888 and 1929, with each on a separate “sheet” within the file.  To open the set, click the following link: Hispanic Business-Prof. People in Trinidad,1888-1929

To move between years, click on the tabs at bottom of the pages.  

     —  Sheet 1, 1888:           2 names

     —  Sheet 2, 1899:           5 names

     —  Sheet 3, 1909:        30 names

     —  Sheet 4, 1918-19:  36 names

     —  Sheet 5, 1919:        64 names

These spreadsheets can be used for a variety of lessons in Math and Social Studies:

—  For Math, students can be asked to sort by occupation or sex, they can calculate percentages of men and women or people engaged in various occupations, and they can compare changes overe time by counting and graphing the numbers per year.

—  For elementary Social Studies, the spreadsheets can be used to talk about the growth and development of the town, in terms of the range of businesses and as a geography/mapping exercise for where these people were located.

—  For secondary Social Studies, the set fits within a discussion of economics and work, tracing the movement of Hispanics into higher status occupations and comparing employment patterns then with what is happening in Trinidad now.