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Penitentes and Holy week customs


Charley Autobees talks in 1981 about the Penitentes and celebrations around Holy week that would involve food and community gatherings. Autobees mentioned earlier in the interview that as a child he would sneak to watch the events and would witness the penitentes which involved people hitting each other as a part of representation of religious sacrifice.

Rita J. Martinez and her parents’ involvement in church related activities, Chicano Movement


Rita J. Martinez talks in 2000 about her experience growing up in Pueblo, Colorado. Here she is discussing her parents and their involvement in the steelworkers union as well as church. She largely talks about her mom’s involvement with church activities among other leadership which encouraged her to become involved in leadership activities.



Wooden cross made from tree branches; barbed wire ‘crown of thorns’ through cross section; face, torso, and arm of Jesus carved at the base; dark red paint to simulate blood on Jesus’ hand where barbed wire is inserted into wood.

Father Murray, priest important to Salt Creek, 1989


“Father Murray stopped Salt Creek land grab.” A Jesuit priest in Mt. Carmel Parish from 1942 onwards, he set up a credit union that enabled Pueblo families, many in Salt Creek, to buy their homes back from land owned by CF&I on which they had squatted for decades. 700 families bought their own homes this way.

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