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Chicano Studies at CSU Pueblo (audio clip & transcript)


2016 interview of George Autobee talking about being involved with student activism and pushing for Chicano Studies courses at CSU Pueblo as a veteran. This would have been during the Chicano Movement in the 1970s. Autobee included information regarding his involvement with MEChA and student protests at CSU-Pueblo.

Parent Concerns leave District 60 Teachers feeling Blamed, 1976


After Chicano parents visit multiple elementary schools and make public statements to the media about how they are failing students, teachers are left feeling attacked. The parents claim they did not visit with intention to criticize but were just concerned with their students falling behind in reading levels. Parents seem to be trying to remedy these relationships but district 60 keeps evading the problems.

Chicanos picket school, police buildings, 1975


Chicano children and adults rallied at the School District 60 administration building in a demonstration against what they termed failure to remedy alleged discrimination in the schools and lack of Chicano teachers.  The group later demonstrated against “police brutality” at Pueblo Police Department headquarters.”  Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzales, state chairman of La Raza Unida party, was to be the keynote speaker.

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