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CF&I Steelworkers OK ‘realistic’ contract, 1989


Union negotiators told workers on Saturday that the approved 3-yr. contract was the best they could get.  The union was Pueblo Steelworkers Local 2102, representing 1,600 production and maintenance workers. They hoped that better business conditions for the CF&I would lead to a better contract in the future.

Pueblo Public Metals Co. Workers on Strike for Fourth Week, 1976


Mexican American workers of Pueblo Public Metals Co. have been on strike for four weeks backed up by unions. The strike which began on September 8, 1976 has held out this long because the company refuses to sit to work out better wages which is what workers like Wilfred Espinosa, who has worked there 17 years, is asking for.

Steelworkers file NRLB complaint, 1988


Local 2102 of the United Steelworkers of America contends  that CF&I Steel Corp. violated sections of the National Labor Relations Act. Specifically, the company is accused of failing to provide the union with information needed to settle a contract dispute after an arbitrator ruled against CF&I.  The complaint stems from a three-month fight between the union and CF&I over incentive rates for arc-furnace workers.

Salt Creek Water System Dedicated, thanks to Union members, 1968


The perseverance of 5 members of United Steelworkers of America LU 2012, finally paid off with the dedication of a community water system in Salt Creek, funded by a federal grant.  Tests of 37 wells conducted by the City and County Health Dept. had shown only 4 wells with water safe to drink. The men, all employed by CF&I, are: Endy Garcia, Basic Oxygen Shop; Ray Barela, Wire Mill Drawing Room; Ted T. Lopez, Wire Mill Weigher; Stanley Gutierrez, Wire Mill Galvanizing; and Adrian Martinez, Operator, Hearth Department.

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